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Mr. John Purchaser
Purchasing manager
Strategic Purchase Department
Automotive Listing Ltd.
London, GB
Job application for position Buyer
Dear Mr. Purchaser,
I would like to react on your offer posted on website. The concrete position is Buyer for the
company which business activity includes automotive.
I offer to your company my work experiences at the similar position. My professional career
started in automotive industry - I worked as a salesman. I concern for price drawing crashed cars
from abroad and then I entered into agreement of their sale in Eastern Europe. Since 2003 until
now I have worked at the position of buyer. First time it was at the company distributed FMCG
products (washing and cleaning agents, cosmetics, sticks), then it was company making up
automobile technology. In both cases my job description contains: daily communication with
suppliers and customers, making plans of delivery and production, conclude contracts, fixing
purchase and selling prices, ensuring equipment of shops, purchase and sale control.
In my profession I was in daily contacts with foreigner suppliers and customers so I could take
advantage of my stay in London where I was for 1 year. In my job I had to PC computing
Except my work experiences I could offer to your company big taste to work and learn new
things. I am a reliable, independent and flexible person.
If I meet your requirements won`t hesitate to contact me. My phone number is set forth below.
Yours sincerely,
Adam Buyer
Purchasing street 90
Los Angeles, USA
Phone: 00 Country-number 999 111 999
E-mail: adam.buyer@supply-chain-purchachaser. c o m
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