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James Cotton
1649 Oakridge Farm Lane
Milwaukee, WI 53202
Sep 23, 2010
Ms. Jeanne Woll
Executive Leadership Solutions
4241 Crim Lane
Englewood, OH 45322
Dear Ms. Woll,
In response to your Business Office Manager opening, I would like to take the time to introduce myself and submit
my resume for your review and consideration.
If you consider me for your Business Office Manager, I would bring a host of benefits to your company, such as: a
solid degree in Business Administration, six years as a Business Office Manager, and an outstanding ability with
managing all aspects of a successful office. I am more than competent in all computer applications and programs
that you use and am experienced in handling communications, paperwork, hiring/training, business development,
client invoicing, and overseeing payroll.
I know that with my combination of professional experience, education, and great managerial skills make me a
smart choice for your company; and I ask that you call me on it-so I can prove it to you in person. Give me a call at
(222)-747-6479 at your convenience. Thanks so much.
James Cotton
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