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P.O. Box 22445
Stanford, CA 94309
August 7, 20XX
Dr. John Allen, Associate Director
INT Consulting Company
12396 Park Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 93032
Dear Dr. Allen:
I am currently a student at Stanford University pursuing a BA degree in economics. I am very
interested in business-related careers and am seeking opportunities to develop and utilize my skills
and qualifications. I have researched your company and believe that your commitment to
excellence and service is in alignment with my career goals and beliefs.
In addition to economics, my academic training includes extensive coursework in the sciences
where I’ve developed very strong analytical, quantitative, and technical skills. My research has
honed the writing, planning, and organization, and presentation skills that I believe are essential in
a business environment.
As an Investment Banker Summer Intern at Morgan Stanley, I collaborated with brokers to market
online investing, consulted with prospective clients and networked through the Internet and other
computer software. As my resume indicates, I have demonstrated strong leadership and decision-
making skills through active participation in campus organizations. In my effort to continue to
develop these important skills, I will serve as a Head Academic Advisor this coming year, teaming
with resident assistants and faculty members to plan educational and social programs for freshmen
to help them plan their academics and adjust to campus life.
I am excited about the many facets of the business world and welcome the opportunity to discuss
opportunities to explore in your company. I will follow up in a week to answer questions you may
have or provide additional information. In the meantime, should you have questions, I can be
reached at 650-600-0000or email:
Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Maria Johnson
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