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Budget Analyst Cover Letter
Dear Mrs. Collins,
I am interested to be a part of your organization as a budget analyst. I came across
your advertisement in Employment News which was posted on 5th of August. I have
all the experience and educational background you are looking for in an ideal
candidate. As requested, I have enclosed my resume with this letter to give you further
I have been working as a budget analyst for the past five years in MTC Corporation
Pvt. Ltd. My key role in the organization includes analyzing the monthly budgets of
each and every department. In addition to this, I can direct preparation of regular
budgets. I can commute well with managers and explain them any issue related to
budget analysis. I can review budget, analyze trends of budgets. I can examine
budgets and check for accuracy. I keep myself abreast with new methods that ensure
efficiency and thereby increasing the company's profits. This is what I can offer your
organization and I am confident that I can prove my efficiency just as I have proved in
my previous work place.
I would be happy if we can meet up for an interview and discuss this further. You can
call me at (503)-347-3865 or e-mail me at
Thank you so much for your patience and consideration.
Patricia Davis
Attachments: Resume and Work Experience Certificate
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