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David Hildebrandt,
579 Arnold Avenue (204) 555-9837
Winnipeg Manitoba
R3L 0W5
December 19, 20__
Michael Whyte
Chief Loan Officer
Toronto Dominion Bank
1140 Main Street Winnipeg, MB R2B 8Y5
Dear Mr. Whyte:
Pursuant to your recent conversation with my father, I am forwarding the attached resume for your
consideration. It is my desire to participate in a leading commercial credit-training program as a first
step in my commercial banking career. I understand that your loan officer development program is
regarded as one of the finest in the industry.
Please note that in addition to receiving my Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) degree in Finance and
Management, I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and two years experience in the banking
industry. I am a self-motivated individual who can work well with people, grasp and expand on ideas,
tackle and follow through on difficult projects and achieve or exceed objectives.
I would like to apply my combined education and banking experience to your company. My interest is
in working in a bank environment where my associates and I share the common goal of profitable
growth and mutual gain.
Although my resume provides a good summary of my background and experiences, I would like to
arrange a convenient time to meet with you, during which we can further discuss any availabilities
within the TD Canada Trust. Please contact me at the above e-mail address or phone at (204) 555-9837.
I appreciate your time.
David Hildebrandt
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