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1716 Alexander Drive
St. Louis, Missouri 63122
September 1, 2008
Mr. Walter Payton
Payton, Jordan and Gretzky
2399 34th Street West
Chicago, IL 60608
Dear Mr. Payton:
As a third-year student at Saint Louis University School of Law, I am pursuing associate
opportunities in the Chicago area. Payton, Jordan and Gretzky is of interest to me due to its
diversity of clientele and its Chicago location. As I lived in the Chicago area for many years
prior to law school and still have many friends and relatives there, I plan to sit for the Illinois
Bar exam upon my graduation.
My undergraduate education and my law school coursework have emphasized broad-based
interests in commercial litigation and tax law. In researching your firm, I noted that your
clients include not only my alma mater, Northwestern University, but the Chicago Bears and
Marshal Field Department Stores. It was also interesting to find that your firm has
departments in litigation, tax and commercial law. It is your firm's work in these areas that
has led to my interest in your office.
This past summer, I worked as a summer associate at Smith and Smith assisting in all
aspects of corporate litigation matters. Prior to attending law school, I worked for three years
as a tax accountant at Jones, Smith and Brown, a St. Louis accounting firm. In this position, I
became versed in tax planning and compliance on behalf of a variety of clients, including
individuals, partnerships, corporations and nonprofit entities. Through these experiences, I
have developed a strong familiarity with commercial litigation, corporate accounting and tax
I will be visiting relatives in Chicago from October 18 - 25, and would appreciate an
opportunity to meet with you at your convenience. I will call you next week arrange an
interview. In the meantime, please contact me at 314 -797 -8834, or if
you need additional information. Thank you for your time and consideration.
Sincerely yours,
Raymond Reynolds
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