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Ralph Ingram
908 Capital Avenue
Any Village, USA 33333
June 14, 20--
Mr. Charles Henshaw
Hiring Manager
Any Town Electronics
807 Central Blvd.
Any Town, USA 99999
Dear Mr. Henshaw:
Your ad on for assemblers with experience motivated me to contact you about
my interest in being interviewed for one of these jobs. I have been looking for assembly work for
the past month. I have three years of experience and am eager to work fulltime once again.
I’m hopeful that of the many cover letter and resumes you receive you'll consider mine. I’d
welcome speaking with you about how I can use my skills to fill one of these positions assembling
machinery, as well as fabricating metal products and electrical equipment.
If you are free to meet in person and wish to, please call me on my cell phone--888-888-8888 to
choose a date and time.
Thank you for reading my cover letter and resume. I hope to hear from you soon.
Ralph Ingram
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