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Architect Cover Letter
Maria Sanchez ■ 1355 Mission Way ■ Lincoln, NE 68501 - 555.725.6992
February 5, 2010
Ms. Catherine Thomas
DaVinci Designs
2285 Michigan Avenue
Chicago, IL 67214
Dear Ms. Thomas:
I wish to apply for your Architect position announced on DaVinci Designs' Web site (A6782). This
spring I will graduate from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with a BA in Architecture and an
emphasis in design. DaVinci's focus on international design and superior level of excellence are
particularly attractive to me. My unique mix of architecture internships, senior design project, and
international study make me an ideal candidate.
While I always knew I enjoyed architecture, I realized my love for it the past two summers as I
interned at Debalt in Minneapolis and Cutting Edge in Lincoln. Every single day I couldn't wait to
go to work. Moreover, I would often be so immersed in a project that I would stay late to finish it.
These internships also taught me the value of collaborating with fellow workers. Prior to my
summer work, I had no idea just how much collaboration really goes on in an architecture firm. I
can bring the lessons I learned about teamwork to DaVinci Design to help create the best projects.
Completing the senior design project, a redesign of Lincoln's main street, taught me the patience
needed to carry a design through all planning stages. Moreover, the one-hour presentation I gave
about my project to the design faculty at Nebraska helped increase my public speaking skills. I
was well prepared for the presentation by monthly design critiques in my courses, where I had to
present my work and then modify it on the basis of feedback I received. These skills will be
beneficial as I interact and explain ideas to clients of DaVinci.
Studying abroad in Italy honed my understanding of classical architecture. It's one thing to read
about architecture in books; it's something entirely different to experience it firsthand. In addition,
everywhere I traveled, I was also struck by the stylish women's fashion, which influenced my
perception of and sparked creativity for design. Your firm can benefit from this international
experience as I contribute ideas while working on international accounts.
During the week of March 13-17, I will be in the Chicago area and would be available for an
interview. I would appreciate the opportunity to meet you and discuss the position. Your company
has an excellent reputation for customer satisfaction, and I know that the combination of my
experience and motivation to excel will make me an asset to your design department.
Maria Sanchez
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