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Account Manager Cover Letter
I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere interests in the post of Accounts
Manager vacant at your firm. Being a sales-driven individual with a methodical, dedicated, and
enthusiastic approach toward generating new contracts and fostering inbound leads, I am certain in
my ability to contribute positively to your organization.
I have more than seven years of experience in managing, creating and maintaining relationships
with important clients and leading different sales teams. During my job as an accounts manager
with my current and previous employers, I have adequately demonstrated an ability to consistently
achieve and exceed targets.
My knowledge of account management is second to none and includes the ability to correctly
identify and understand clients’ business goals and develop customized strategies and plans for
each client to allow them to meet their business goals quickly and efficiently.
I have a strong financial and business acumen and a proven track record of maintaining long-term
business and mutually-profitable relationships with clients. Here are some of the other skills I
excel in:
Communication skills (both written as well as oral)
Presentation skills
Computer skills (I have a strong working knowledge of all relevant accounts and people
management software)
Team management skills
Sales skills
On several occasions I have received recognition and awards from senior management; the most
coveted being the two back to back “Employee of the Year (2011 and 2012)” awards from my
current employer.
All in all I am confident that I match your job requirements perfectly and have the expertise to
become an integral part of your team.
My resume, attached with this job application, gives you detailed information on my professional
achievements, skills, and qualifications. I look forward to meeting you in person to discuss my
application further.
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