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Sample Account Assistant Cover Letter
Mary Vincent
2619 Rafe Lane
Grand Junction, MS 38039
Dec 12, 2012
Ms. Patricia Brummett
Haisheng International Inc.
3375 Dale Avenue
Tacoma, WA 98423
Dear Ms. Patricia Brummett,
I would like to express my interest in the open account assistant position within your company. I am
confident that you’ll find my extensive educational background in this field along with my two years of
hands on experience working as an account assistant for Higdon Insurance Group, qualifies me to be a
number one candidate for this position.
Over the past two years, I have gained experience in bookkeeping, payroll and invoicing. I have worked
directly with clients and I understand the importance of building a trusting relationship between client
and company. I have learned ways to help clients relax and feel comfortable discussing their accounting
needs and expectations and work I hard to make sure these needs are met.
I have the desire to learn and grow with your company and look forward to working with your agency
and your clients. I meet challenges head on and look for new innovated ways to resolve any issues that
may arise. I have the ability to work alone but know the importance of being a team player.
I look forward to meeting with you in person to learn more about the position and to discuss how I can
be an asset to your company. Please contact me anytime at (123)-972-7930. I anticipate hearing from
you soon.
Mary Vincent
Encl: Resume
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