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Sample baker cover letter (experienced)
David Cooper
1012 Silk Street, Green Park
Miami, Florida
Contact no: 234 890 23
Mr. Dave Myers
Manager, Human Resource
Yummy Bakery
17th Beach Road, Back Bay Area
Miami, Florida
Dear Mr. Dave
On seeing the advertisement of the vacancy of a baker in your bakery on, I am
sending you this letter along with my resume and reference letter for your review.
I have an experience of working as a baker in Delicious Bakery for a year and was assigned for
both cooking and baking food items. I have worked there primarily as a baker and baked a variety
of items from cakes to breads and different types of other products. My specialty is in baking a
variety of cakes and pastries with complete knowledge of a variety of cake and pastry recipes that
are prevalent around the globe.
I have completed my graduation in social science and did a 1 year 6 month diploma course in
cooking and catering from Kitchen World Institute. I worked as a cook in Arroba Restaurant for
three months while I was engaged in the diploma course. I have the potential to work under
pressure and can co-relate with coworkers easily.
I am eagerly waiting for your response and hope I get the opportunity to meet you face to face for
a detailed discussion about the work and for my interview purpose. Thank you for considering my
application and resume.
Yours sincerely
David Cooper
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