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416-555-5219 (h) 416-555-6502 (c)
January 16, 20__
Attn: Jane Sector, Human Resources
Wright, Auger and Harrow
1256 Market Avenue
Toronto, Ontario M4L 2P3
Dear Ms. Sector:
Are you looking for a competent, outgoing and well-organized Audit Trainee?
I will be graduating from the University of Manitoba this spring with a Bachelor of Commerce (Honours)
degree majoring in Accounting and would like to pursue the CMA professional accounting designation.
As you will see in my resume, I have excellent experience in all phases of the accounting profession. In
the summer of 20__, I was a summer student at the Canada Revenue Agency - Taxation Department,
where I worked directly with clients on audits, using a software program called ACCPAC. Over the
summer, I became familiar with daily accounting and audit operations, and knowledgeable of Canadian
tax laws.
In the summer of 20__ and 20__, I was an accounting clerk for an investment company. Since late 20__,
I have worked, on a part time basis, as an assistant manager in a retail store where I am responsible for
preparing daily floats, balancing cash transactions and preparing bank deposits. This experience has
given me the opportunity to substantially develop my client service, analytical and technical skills, which
will be invaluable as I continue in my career.
I would welcome an opportunity to meet with you for a short time. I assure you it will not take more than
15 minutes and I do recognize that your organization may not have any immediate openings. Of more
importance to me, is gaining insight from an experienced professional on industry trends and listening to
any advice you can share for a new graduate embarking on a career in the accounting industry. Thank
you for your time spent reading this letter and the enclosed resume. I will call you early next week to see
if a meeting is possible at your convenience.
Qingsu Li
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