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P.O. Box 000033
Stanford, CA 94000
October 19, 20XX
Ms. Marian Armstone
LEK Consulting
9999 Oak Street
Palo Alto, CA 9003
Dear Ms. Armstone:
This letter and the attached resume serve as my application for the Associate position at LEK
Consulting. After speaking with Jo Kimmer at Stanford’s Career Fair on October 9, I believe my
skills, academic training, and work experience are a good fit for this position.
I will complete a Master of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering in June 20XX. I have
developed strong analytical and quantitative skills through coursework in technical, computer
science, and economics courses. In addition, my hands-on experience in various internships and
student leadership positions supports my qualifications as an associate.
As an intern at General Motors this past summer, I developed analytical skills by taking
measurements on a development vehicle identifying design problems, offering solutions for
improvement, and making recommendations in a written report. I was awarded a General Motors
scholarship for my exceptional contributions as a member of the S-10 Crew Cab launch team.
At Stanford, I demonstrated leadership ability by serving as the elected president for a service
organization with over one hundred active members. In this effort, I honed my ability to make
good decisions, plan and organize my time, work well on a team, and have developed sound
interpersonal, oral, and written communications skills. Finally, I bring an entrepreneurial spirit and
creativity to this position, as evidenced by my experience designing, patenting, and marketing my
own product.
I would enjoy speaking with you further to discuss, in detail, how I am a match for the Associate
position. I will follow up in two weeks to see if there is additional information you would like me
to provide or answer questions you may have (another option: I am eager to apply my energy,
experience, and enthusiasm to the work of LEK and look forward to hearing from you soon.).
John Duncan
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