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Sample Cover Letter
February 21, 2015
Ms. Liza Wideman
Recruiting Coordinator
Great Strategy Consulting Firm
200 Shell Fish Blvd, Suite 199
San Francisco, CA 94080
Dear Ms. Wideman:
I am writing to express my interest in securing an Associate position at Great Strategy Consulting Firm. I
am a Master of Liberal Arts degree candidate at Harvard Extension School, specializing in Information
Technology. I come from a solid technical background with a strong interest in business and a passion
towards strategy. My area of focus and interest varies from quantitative analysis to project management. I
have maintained a 3.95 GPA through a well-balanced program of study, which is not only very analytical
and technical by nature but also helps to build leadership and team building qualities. I am extremely
impressed with Great Strategy’s approach to strategy consulting, especially within the Business
Development and Innovation practice areas. I believe my academic background, business knowledge and
industry experiences have provided me with the credentials needed to thrive as an Associate.
Prior to Harvard, I worked as a technology professional, primarily resolving strategic issues related to
technology process improvement. I gained solid research, analytical and problem solving skills while
working in Fortune 500 companies. My background in generating innovative ideas and strategies to
improve processes has provided me with a deeper understanding of multifaceted problems that companies
encounter in their daily operations. Moreover, because of my work experiences, I fully understand how
important it is to have great team dynamics in today’s multi-disciplinary business environment.
To date, my experience as an IT professional has been extremely rewarding and productive. However, it is
through strategy consulting that I can use my analytical aptitude and creative problem solving skills to
their fullest. I strongly believe that consulting is a discipline that will force me to view problems not only
from the client’s standpoint but also from a marketplace, best practices and “think out of the box” point of
I would appreciate the opportunity to interview with Great Strategy Consulting Firm for the Associate
position. Please find enclosed my resume for your review. I can be reached via email at or by phone at (617) 555-3456. I enthusiastically look forward to
hearing from you soon.
Thank you for your time and consideration.
Jacob A. McLean
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