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12123 Windsor Lane
Sunnyvale, RI 32398
March 3, 2009
Ms. Peggy Newhouse
Senior Associate
American Federation of Teachers
Educational Issues Department
555 New Jersey Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20001
Dear Ms. Newhouse:
As a hardworking student with a passion for education and a comprehensive range of experiences,
I feel that I would be an outstanding candidate as a full-time summer 2009 intern in the
Educational Issues Department. An examination of my attached resume will attest to these
attributes: a successful university career as well as a variety of notable positions held in the field
of education.
Like the American Federation of Teachers, I too am a strong supporter of high standards, not only
in the arena of the public education classroom but also for myself. Since beginning my graduate
education at American University in 2008, I have excelled in my academic pursuits, while
simultaneously working two jobs in order to remain in school, and dedicating myself to aiding in
the education of others. It is this dedication, commitment to hard work, and enthusiasm that I
would like to bring to the AFT.
As stated, two of the larger tasks required of this position are providing support in production of
AFT publications and working on research projects. While taking a rigorous course load both at
American University and New York University, I have enhanced both the writing and the research
skills necessary to successfully fulfill these duties. For three years I served as editor-in-chief of my
monthly college newspaper (circulation: 5,000), composing a minimum of two pieces per issue.
Not only did I strengthen my writing abilities, but I fine-tuned my attention to detail and
investigative skills. Additionally, I have spent nearly five years working in the public sphere,
including retail and customer service positions. From these experiences, I have developed my
communication skills, which will be of great benefit to the AFT.
Enclosed are both my resume and a writing sample for your review. Thank you for considering my
application. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns at (505)555-6767, or
email me at
Ryan Smith
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