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502 W. Main Street #221
Houston, TX 77204
November 21, 2012
Professor Michael Smith
Chair, Classics Search Committee
University of Iowa
Iowa City, Iowa 52240
Dear Professor Smith,
I am writing to apply for the Assistant Professor of Classics position, as advertised on the
American Philological Association’s website. I am a doctoral candidate at the University of
Houston, and I will complete degree requirements by May 2011.
Teaching has been an important part of my training at the University of Houston, and I believe my
background would be useful in your department. I have had considerable undergraduate teaching
experience in several types of courses, including first– and second-year Latin classes and
discussion sections of the Classical Mythology class. The latter experience introduced me to the
pleasures of leading class discussion and the challenges of transforming new material—some of it
unfamiliar to me—into useful discussion sections each week.
I have been equally devoted to the research side of my graduate training. My dissertation, directed
by Dr. Robert Palmer, is entitled “Model Behavior: Generic Construction in Roman Satire.” This
study investigates the metaphorical language used to describe satire, and its implications for the
poets’ self-presentation. With this research, I have been working to secure a place for myself in the
scholarly community. In the past two years, I have delivered papers at regional meetings such as
the Classical Association of Atlantic States, and at national meetings, including the American
Philological Association. My most recent conference paper was a collaborative effort; I helped to
organize a panel on the satiric persona for the APA meeting in December.
Although my dissertation focuses on a single genre, it reflects interests that I expect to resurface in
teaching contexts in the future. One area that fascinates me is the place of ancient comic genres in
the literary canon and cultural contexts of Classical antiquity. Comedy, satire, and related genres
make excellent material for courses on ancient culture, and I eagerly welcome the opportunity to
develop such a course at some point. Another special interest of mine is ancient literary criticism,
which I studied intensively for a Ph.D. exam on the ancient reception of Homer. Moreover, while
both of these areas interest me, I believe that I can also parlay them into general civilization
courses such as Iowa’s Freshman Humanities courses.
I would enjoy discussing this position with you in the weeks to come. In the meantime, I am
enclosing my Curriculum Vitae; letters of recommendation will arrive under separate cover. If you
require any additional materials or information, I would be happy to supply it. Thank you for your
Laura Hayes
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