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305 Locust Drive #12
Los Angeles, CA 90046
August 30, 2000
Hamilton Trout
Andersen Consulting
Spear Street Tower
One Market Plaza
Suite 3700
San Francisco, CA 94105
Dear Hamilton:
I am writing to introduce myself as a candidate for a consulting position at your firm. I have
excellent academic and professional credentials, as indicated on my enclosed resume. Throughout
my professional career, I have adhered to the highest standards of excellence and have
demonstrated strong communication skills, analytical ability, poise, creativity, and dedication.
Andersen’s excellent reputation and corporate clientele are an ideal match with my interests. In
particular, I believe my experience in formulating legal strategies and preparing analyses for
complex litigation cases would be an excellent addition to your Strategic Services Competency
Group. I plan to be in San Francisco the week of September 15 and would like to meet with you
then to further discuss my qualifications. I will call you on Friday and look forward to scheduling
a meeting at your convenience in mid-September.
Very truly yours,
Linda S. Bradford
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