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(For letters sent via mail or attached to an email)
Anne Marie Schroder
216 Washington Drive Columbus, OH 43210 (661) 536-9433
January 10, 2009
In this example, the student is using the same
header information as what is on her resume.
Internship Coordinator
Procter & Gamble
5289 Vine Street
Cincinnati, Ohio 45217
If you do not know the name of the company’s contact,
use something generic like “Internship Coordinator”
or “Human Resources Director.”
Dear P&G Internship Coordinator:
I am a third-year marketing student at The Ohio State University. I saw on FisherConnect your
posting about the Assistant Brand Manager Internship position. This opportunity is very
interesting to me as it leverages my interpersonal communication skills, innovative thought
process, and leadership ability.
The core purpose and principles of Procter & Gamble align well with my career vision of
providing value to my employer and its business partners. I have been recognized for my
creative thinking, external focus, and passion for winning through my employment at American
Eagle. I am actively involved with the American Marketing Association and a variety of
leadership volunteer work in the community through The Ohio State University. Collaborating
with both peers and corporate representatives as well as learning how to effectively implement
innovative marketing strategies through my experience with the American Marketing Association
has provided insight to the value of managing mutually productive relationships. Additionally,
my involvement with Buckeye Leadership Society has allowed me to be a leader by mentoring
homeless teenagers in Columbus, Ohio.
I would greatly appreciate your review and consideration of my attached resume. I will be
getting in touch with you in the next two weeks to confirm that you have received my resume.
Please feel free to contact me at (661) 536-9433 or if you have any
questions. I look forward to hearing back from you regarding this opportunity.
Anne Schroder
Don’t forget to sign your cover letter before you mail it. If you are
sending your cover letter as an attachment to an email and you do not
have a digital version of your signature, you only need to leave one
space between “Respectfully” and your name (as shown here).
General Format Notes
Using the same header as what you have on your resume can
be a nice way to show professional consistency between
your cover letter and resume.
If possible, try to find the name of a company contact. When
this is not possible, use the suggested titles listed above.
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