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851 Stanford Road
Meriden, CT 01380
November 3, 2__________
Jerome C. Eagle, Bar Counsel
Office of the Bar Counsel
35 Main Street, 7
Hartford, CT 03212
Dear Mr. Eagle:
I have enclosed my resume and writing sample and would like to be considered as a candidate for
the Assistant Bar Counsel position at the Office of the Bar Counsel. Recently, my husband and I
relocated from Norwood, Massachusetts to Hartford, Connecticut.
For the last 16 years, I worked for the Committee for Public Counsel Services (“CPCS”) in
Roxbury, MA. I defended hundreds of clients charged with an array of serious felonies, ranging from
drug possession to armed robbery to murder. Although I tried many cases and obtained numerous
acquittals for my clients over the years, many of my cases culminated with a negotiated plea. In that
regard, I was able to negotiate creative and beneficial pleas for my clients. Finally, in addition to
representation of clients at the superior court level, I handled all of the appeals in my cases.
Although I loved my work as a public defender over the last 16 years, I am now seeking a new
professional challenge. I believe working for the Office of the Bar Counsel would be an excellent way
for me to apply the significant litigation experience that I have in the criminal area to the area of
attorney discipline. As a public defender, I handled all of my cases from start to finish and have strong
negotiating, research and writing, and interpersonal skills. I am very interested in meeting with you
and members of your office to discuss employment possibilities and would be available to meet with
you at your convenience.
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