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November 3, 2009
Dr. Paul Gambardella
Oradell Animal Hospital, Inc.
481 Kinderkamack Road
Oradell, NJ 07649
Dear Doctor Gambardella,
Please accept this letter and the enclosed documents as application for an internship position. My primary
motive for a small animal internship is to expand my educational experience with an intense training period in a
high volume referral center, where I can build both my knowledge base and clinical skills. I know this to be a
needed precursor to my next planned step of obtaining a small animal surgical residency.
During my ten day externship at the Oradell Animal Hospital in September 2008, (indeed, a brief
opportunity to observe each other) I was duly impressed with the pragmatic professionalism of the practice and
staff, the volume and diversity of cases, and the well supported structure and learning environment provided to the
interns. I am most interested in continuing my development as an intern and contributing member of the team at
Oradell Animal Hospital.
My resumé cites a strong equine background. If, when I entered veterinary school, I was asked my
intentions, surely my response would have been equine medicine. However, never wanting to close my eyes to
possible alternate paths, I saw my true interest is really the diagnostic and treatment challenges of private practice.
Perhaps, four years ago, I was merely romanced by a particular species. With this in mind, I have turned my sights
toward a small animal focus because it allows more opportunity for specialization and practice diversity. In
addition to my medical/surgical interests and education, the customer-relations experience I bring as a mature and
seasoned service provider should facilitate my rapid acclimation to the breadth of clients seen in a practice such as
yours. My additional knowledge of office systems, operations, organizational management, and the Cornerstone
practice management software system will also allow me to function efficiently in a high volume and, at times,
high stress environment.
Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to meeting with you again. Of course, I will
gladly forward any additional information at the asking.
Edie De Maria
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