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Mike Straight
105 Crabapple Lane
Atlanta, GA 30041
April 10, 2014
Joseph Stanton
Human Resources Manager
Hartsfield Airport Security
25 MLK Avenue
Atlanta, GA 30041
Mr. Stanton,
I received an email from the HR department with a list of career opportunities and I’d like to
express my interest in the Airport Security Officer position at Hartsfield-Jackson Airport. Please
see my resume attached for details of my experience and qualification.
I believe my abilities and qualifications meet the job requirements mentioned in the job posting.
During the last two years I have worked at Hartsfield-Jackson Airport as a baggage handler while
studying to obtain my Associate’s Degree in Homeland Security and Emergency Management
from Georgia Perimeter College. My experience working as a baggage handler has given me a
unique insight into the communication methods and internal function of the airport as well as
improved my communication skills, developed my ability to maintain a tranquil disposition during
serious time constraints, work efficiently under pressure, and work effectively within a team
My Associate’s Degree in Homeland Security and Emergency Management has given me
important knowledge pertaining to international crime, civil defense, and emergency
preparedness; an education which can help me to become an invaluable airport security officer. I
am confident that the combination of my past work experience and my newly obtained degree has
adequately prepared me to be a productive member of the Hartsfield-Jackson TSA team.
Please call me at (678)742-5555 or e-mail me at to arrange a
convenient time to further discuss my background in relation to the position available. Thank you
for your time and consideration, I look forward to hearing from you.
Mike Straight
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