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Vera Goetz
3397 Copperhead Road
Hartford, CT 6103
Mar 21, 2010
Ms. Jana Morris
Cameron Craig Group
1850 Gerald L. Bates Drive
Newton, MA 2160
Dear Ms. Morris,
I write with the intention of applying for your District Manager position, and have attached my
resume for your review.
At present, I am a successful District Manager for Dakota Watch Company in which my main
accountabilities are to oversee over 20 stores to produce sales profit, keep operational standards
high, and offer the best service and product to all customers. In the past six years as District
Manager, I have been able to achieve a 20% profit exponentially for overall district sales, and have
a district that ranks first in the company of over 2,000 stores. I am dedicated to results, a high level
of communication, and getting sales. I am the best candidate for the District Manager position of
Cameron Craig Group.
Please contact me at (555)-489-4815 to schedule a time to speak further about how I can bring
success to your company. Until then, I thank you for your consideration.
Vera Goetz
Encl: Resume
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