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Sample cover
Opening: Why do you wat this
Body: Describe your experience
relevant to the essential
of the position. Emphasize your
education, experience, skills and
personal qualities in relation to the
Discuss why you would be well
to this position.
Closing: Although the cover
is not required, it can bring
to specific important information
found in the resume.
Dear Sir/Madam:
RE: Administrative Assistant, Department of Health and Social
Services Requisition #289.
I am writing to your advertisement of the above noted position in
the Whitehorse Star, Friday, January 10, 2015. At this time in my
career, I am looking for new challenges and an opportunity to use
my secretarial skills in your department.
With reference to the qualifications described in the
advertisement, you will see from the enclosed resume that I have:
15 years of experience in secretarial and
administrative support positions, with increasing levels
of responsibility.
Computer training and experience using Microsoft Word.
Extensive experience in taking the initiative to organize an
office, with little supervision.
Business Administration Diploma;
First Nation Management Diploma;
In addition to my extensive office experience, I have strong
communication and organizational skills, a commitment to
providing excellent customer service, excellent administrative
skills and I am able to work independently and within a team
environment. I have been recognized in my volunteer work for
my abilities to organize events and take responsibility for fund
raising activities. My broad background and experience makes
me an excellent candidate for this position.
I look forward to an opportunity to further discuss my
qualifications for this position with you.
Jane Doe
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