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Sample Cover Letter
206 Lancart Street
Farmers Branch, TX 75244
October 25, 2002
Ms. Carolyn A. Beatty
President of Corporate Accounting
Central Company
555 Corporate Way
Dallas, TX 75255
Dear Ms. Beatty:
Review of your company’s college recruiting literature has piqued my interest in your
Accounting Trainee Program. The idea of having rotational assignments in accounts receivable
and accounts payable sounds like a perfect fit for my experience and career goals. Thus, I am
interested in scheduling an interview with your firm.
I will obtain an Associate in Applied Sciences degree in Accounting in December of this year.
As an outstanding student, I have been recognized for my academic achievement through the receipt
of various awards and scholarships, which are detailed on my enclosed resume. In addition, I have
always been industrious and hard working. This is evidenced by the fact that I
have been continuously employed, either full or part-time, since the age of sixteen. In addition, I
have managed to participate in several extracurricular activities that demonstrate my ability to
effectively organize and plan my time to maximum advantage. With my solid academic
performance, work ethic, drive, organization skills and strong interest in the accounting field, I
am confident I have the elements necessary to be a valuable contribution to Central’s Accounting
I would be pleased to have the opportunity to interview with you and hope you will give the enclosed
resume favorable consideration. I will contact you the first week in November to discuss setting up an
interview time. Thank you and I look forward to speaking with you soon.
Margaret Temple
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